Indoor Arena

The indoor arena has been completely rebased and resurfaced with a mixture of Rye sand and Martin Collins Clopf Fibre. This is a very popular surface option all over Europe and is also the surface of choice at Boneo Park. The Clopf fibre, with correct maintenance, helps the horse work more ‘on top’ of the surface rather than ‘into it’, helping reduce soreness in horses due to concussion.

The old bunk house and the seating at each end of the arena were removed to extend the size of the arena surface. It is now 63m x 26m, big enough to accommodate multiple riders sharing the arena space, larger lesson groups or a full show jump course very comfortably.

With lots of light coming into the indoor arena it gives it a very open and inviting feel for horses.

Round Yard

In the car park opposite the top outdoor arena is our large, 20m round yard. It is surfaced with Rye sand, has an angled fence and is lined with a heavy duty rubber matting.

All lunging is to be done in the round yard ONLY

Outdoor Arena

The top outdoor arena was also rebased and resurfaced, and has the Martin Collins Clopf Fibre and Rye sand mix. This arena now measures at 62m x 22m.

Both the Indoor and top outdoor arenas have had full sprinkler systems installed with timers, they only take approximately 30 minutes per arena, but we can now run the sprinklers over night for better convenience.

Agistment Paddocks

We have 35 private paddocks available for agistment. All of our paddocks were re-fenced with top of the range fencing material.

The lane-ways and gateways were all leveled and re-rocked for easier access.

The fencing is a very strong diamond mesh, with a hot wire on top.

All gates and automatic water troughs were replaced new. Most of the paddocks have some natural shade.

Tie Ups

We have 14 large bays, with cross ties. The concrete flooring is lined with a heavy duty, textured rubber matting making it much more comfortable for the horse to stand on and less likely to slip.

Lower Outdoor Arena

The bottom outdoor arena has a course sand surface and is 60m x 20m, the perfect size for practicing a dressage test.

With multiple arenas to work your horse in there should always be an area for you to train your horse in comfort.